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The Be A Legend Series

Is a collection of stories of artists and innovators that are on a mission to uplift and change their community. #DrivenforHim #BeALegendSeries #Communityaction #Business

Introducing the Be A Legend Series...

This "IS" A Sign Snippet...

BornStars Fitness: The Beginning

Bornstars Fitness: What are the challenges your facing?

BornStars Fitness: What keeps your clients motivated?

Your Impact Makes A Difference Snippet...

Authentic Minds: My Heart was Compelled to do Something

Authentic Minds: When God Says Move...

Authentic Minds: What's Your Motivation?

This Really Redirected My Life Snippet...

TAG Resources Inc: Why did you choose Trenton to do community work in?

TAG Resources Inc: Activists MUST become experts!!!

TAG Resources Inc: Why do some people call you a fixture in the community?

The Afri-Male Institute was my rendition of the garage snippet...

Afri-Male Institute: Humble Beginnings

Afri-Male Institute: Fighting against discrimination

Afri-Male Institute: The foresight to educate rather than punish

Give our children a hand snippet...